Behind the Boutique Before and After Upstairs Bathroom

Happy Day! Today I’m sharing some before and after photos of our upstairs bathroom!

This was actually the last room in the house that we got to. It took us over six months to finish (thank you, toddlers), but I think we finally finished it at the end of 2015 (we moved into the house mid-2011). There is a bathroom downstairs that we use more frequently because it has a shower (it’s a smaller clawfoot tub, but it has a shower kit). In this bathroom, we ultimately decided to leave all the plumbing where it was. We originally had grand dreams about moving things around and getting a shower kit for this bathroom, but the slanted wall really made it difficult to accommodate our fantasies. Also, by this time, my posture was: lets just get it DONE already. By this time we had already had both kids, and a second bath with more storage and space was much needed (the downstairs bath, although a full bath, is tiny). View Post


Behind the Boutique Ellie's Room Before and AfterBehind the Boutique Ellie's Room Before and After

Hey guys and gals!! Today I’m sharing some before and after photos of Ellie’s room!

As a quick note, I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has said kind words about our home on social media. Truly, your compliments mean so much because our house did not always look the way it does now, and it’s taken years to get to every room (like five of them, haha). In full disclosure, sometimes I feel dishonest about showing photos our house (although I’m obviously not being dishonest) because viewers only get to see the (mostly) finished product. They don’t get to see the arguments, the injuries, the tears, the respirators, the messes, and the utter chaos and disorganization that went on here for years. It’s my sincerest hope that anyone who stumbles on photos of our home and loves what they see, sees things with a grain of salt. There were several years before that, that weren’t so beautifully curated. Anyway, that’s my disclaimer 🙂  View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Key Lime Pie Martini

From the deepest depths of my soul, I would love to provide you with countless delicious recipes for home cooked meals. I’m not a good cook. Now that I got that out of the way, what I am good at is making drinks (insert high five). I spent what seemed like a countless number of years behind a bar, bartending my way through my undergrad and even some of my MBA. Well played. Most of the time you’ll find me popping the cork from a bottle of red wine in about two seconds flat, but sometimes I feel like making magic; and key lime pie is magical. I almost feel that I’m not upholding my fiduciary responsibilities if I don’t share it with you.

This martini breaks from the binary “vodka or gin” and calls for spiced rum. Is it a martini then? I don’t know, but it’s tasty. So enjoy 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Vintage Inspired Room

A couple of months ago I decided to repaint Jackson’s room. I’ve never had a white room, so I decided it was best to have one for my toddler boy (so smart!); keep in mind the floors were already painted white and light grey stripes from yours truly circa 2014. Fast forward to now, and I’ve finally managed to put all of the pieces I’ve hoarded for this room back together. I’ve got stuff from all over the place in here: consignment stores, craigslist, my neighbor’s attic, antique stores, DIY projects, etc. The room is enormous. Way too big if you ask me.  When Jackson came along, Ellie was starting to potty train and we wanted to keep her in her room right next to the bathroom for evening trips. So the former guest room became a quasi playroom/second nursery. View Post