Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen JORD

There are only a few other things that make my heart flutter the way it does when I see my husband sharing sweet moments with our daughter. Things get so crazy in our house with our kids, that we both try to take dedicated time for each one of our children. I grew up as a middle child, so I feel like I especially remember loving the quality time I got with either of my parents one-on-one. The other weekend, I encouraged Chris to take Ellie on a little date. Nothing crazy; just lunch and ice cream. The two of them cleaned up, dressed up, had a sweet flower exchange over by our front stairs, and went about their way 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Santa Fe Style

BOOTS | Frye     RED COAT | Express (old) Similar Here     RIPPED JEANS | Levi’s
SWEATER | Ellie & June     HANDMADE BAG | Ellie & June
BELTED PONCHO | Ellie & June     BLACK JEANS | Levi’s

We spent two weeks in the Land of Enchantment, and today I’m sharing the deets on two of my favorite outfits while we were there!! I’ll also do an instagram round-up of the kids’ clothes with links to all of their stuff. My poor babies got so sick the first week we were there, so our time was spent recovering for the first week. We stayed with my Mom the entire time, so the kids felt right at home anyway. The weather was good to us for the first couple of days, and then turned windy and cold for the last week. My husband and I just love the wide open space. We both grew up in Colorado, lived in New Mexico for a few years, and then moved to Greater Boston in 2011. We can’t help but feel right at home when we can look up at the shining stars and the Milky Way at night 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Pocket Dress

DRESS | Ellie & June     BOOTS | Freebird by Steven (Sold Out), my other favorite HERE!!

I’ll be taking a moment to love on this dress. Delicate floral pattern, oversized fit, and…. wait for it…. POCKETS!!! Is it not the best surprise of all time to put on a dress and discover it has pockets?! I mean come on now. This little number comes with a separate dress tank to wear underneath, and I’m telling you, this is the most comfortable dress I have. Chris and I decided to go grab a coffee in town, and I slipped this on with some booties and skipped away in about two minutes. Then the woman in front of me at Starbucks complimented my dress and I thought about hugging her. View Post


nd the Boutique Kristina Nissen Velvet Skirt

WOOL SWEATER | Consignment Find! (Similar HERE or HERE)     LEATHER BAG | Ellie & June

The weather is changing and everyone is breaking out the heavier fabrics to carry them through the cold months! Since that velvet leotard I had for gymnastics when I was about 10, I’ve been a skeptic of velvet (although that leotard made me feel like Dominique Moceanu). Fast forward an undisclosed number of years later and this velvet skirt shows up in my life. I am now at peace with velvet. Now let me be clear, the whole piece isn’t velvet, rather the emboss is. That means the skirt is actually pretty lightweight but has touches of beautiful shimmer and velvet to give it some dimension. View Post


Behind tthe Boutique Kristina Nissen Ehv & River

HEADBANDS | Ehv & River

I’m so excited to be sharing these perfectly handmade Ehv & River headbands with you today 🙂 These come from a person that is far more near and dear to me than she probably thinks she is, and a person I truly admire from afar. I purchased my first headbands from Nicole when my daughter was about one. This was the first headpiece that my daughter didn’t tear off immediately. We wore our matching Ehv & River headbands every chance we got until hers fell out of the stroller one day (we took it off to go swimming) and was never seen again. Sniff sniff. Nicole always picks the softest and most beautiful fabrics for her headbands; so when I saw these new floral prints come in I ordered some for Ellie (and look at those pom poms…. I mean come on now).

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