Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Sony a6000

Earlier this month I decided to get a smaller camera for more everyday use. I wanted to continue sharing small moments of my day on my social accounts, but neither my iphone nor my DSLR were ideal for my between-blog-post moments (most of them at home). While I loved the field of view and ease of using my iphone, I wanted more control and crisper photos than I was getting with my phone. My DSLR was just impractical for everyday use. The most obvious reason is its size, but beyond that, it’s not a full frame camera. When I launched the blog and shop in mid-2016, I just bought a beginner’s DSLR (Nikon D5300); I didn’t know the difference between a crop or full frame camera. My prime lenses for the DSLR don’t offer an analogous field of view as an iphone, and the kit lens is a disaster in low lighting. I needed something completely different than what I had. Something between the iphone and the DSLR… like an iphone on steroids!

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