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Okay, so I’m new to Instagram; but holy smokes is it a great place to discover great people!! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite accounts (emphasis on few because there’s plenty more where this comes from) across a variety of different categories. These accounts range in size (per following I mean), but I hope there’s at least a few that are new to you today 🙂 I’m also calling this Volume I because I know I’m going to want to share more with you down the road 😉 Enjoy!

My Favorite Instagram Accounts For Motherhood:

  • @mamawaters – This girl might be my favorite person of all time. Her account reminds me to slow down, be intentional, and then slow down some more. This recommendation goes beyond the sweet house and adorable kids; the content she provides is a real value-add for other mothers (of any age). An English school teacher turned full-time stay-at-home-mom, Amanda is incredibly intelligent and her content is especially thoughtful and pragmatic. Her blog, Home Song Blog, is a robust source of simple living tips and meaningful (if not philosophical) discussions on motherhood. I literally go here to be inspired to clean my home. Every time I go to this blog I discover a new way of doing things to simplify my life. This is the only blog that I’ve discovered that my mom and grandma also swoon over. I just want to die and come back as her kid.
  • @thedarlings_ – I cannot help but go to this account and feel relaxed. Jade has actually transformed her home into what whimsical dreams are made of and she’s raising her beautiful babies in England; where she remains the cutest mom with the most gorgeous accent. This is what’s so great about Instagram right?! It’s like little windows into other people’s homes!! Which is so much better than waiting until Halloween and then guiding your child to trick-or-treat at all the homes you really just want to peek inside of 😉

My Favorite Instagram Accounts For the Funnies:

  • @celestebarber – If you’re not one of the 1.6MM people that follow Celeste, and you also happen to have a thrilling sense of humor centered around celebrities vs. non-celebrities, then I’m recommending that you drop your life and immediately add her to your line-up. I’ve actually peed myself over this account. More than anything else, I love Celeste’s sense of humor and contagious confidence; but beyond that, I especially love how she’s taken a deeper issue (societal expectations of celebrities and non-celebrities) and made it exceptionally funny.
  • @loudmama – I discovered Loud Mama when she did a take-over for Scary Mommy, and holy sh–, this chic brings it, haha! If you’re offended by the occasional bad word (or many for me in a shamelessly full disclosure) she’s probably not for you, but I am telling you… if you need some serious daily laughs on mothering and wifery, this is my best recommendation thus far. I’ve literally scared my kids with sudden laughter. As a side note, this amazing mama is starting a serious juicing business for moms, so get ready to drink up 😉

My Favorite Instagram Accounts For Beauty:

  • @farahdhukai – I just found Farah recently, and if you’re confused about how this girl amasses millions of followers between her YouTube and Instagram, rest assured… her value proposition is exquisite. I lost a good half day just marveling at her skin. Then I lost the rest of my day immersed in her DIY beauty tutorials. I’ve never gone to the grocery store so fast to grab potato starch and black tea (for my offensively aggressive dark circles), or considered stealing my neighbor’s cactus to rub on my face. For the record I was very happy with the results of my black tea goo 🙂

My Favorite Instagram Accounts For the Home:

  • @thewhitefarmhouseblog – Yassss!! In another life, where I can’t see about 50 neighboring houses by looking out of one window, I lived in this lovely gal’s farmhouse. Morgan and her super-handy husband bought his grandparent’s farmhouse and are redoing it themselves room by room. This place is what farmhouse dreams are made of people. Right now they’re wrapping up their kitchen, and it actually makes me salivate when I get little glimpses. The bonus? Morgan is hilarious. The content on her photos usually comes with a value-added narrative and I especially love the stories about her and her husband. She’s got a blog too, where she shares some more behind-the-scenes about the house.
  • @melissa.brookes – Hands down the cutest pregnant lady you will ever see, period. Melissa and her husband are in Tennessee, and from what I can tell they’re living in my other dream home (I have about 100). The two of them are renovating their beautiful home, and between the shiplap and wood barn that often peeks through a window, I want to show up at her house and drink coffee. Especially at Christmas time. With snow outside. Maybe I have Baileys. Maybe I don’t. I probably have Baileys 😉

My Favorite Instagram Accounts For Blogging:

  • @momwithoutlabels – Shannon was actually one of my very first followers on Instagram when I started it last year, and she gets my recommendation today because of the level of her writing talent. Her blog centers around motherhood, but where it really excels is the value-added content (which she undoubtedly delivers). A few weeks ago, she did a post about how to afford being a stay-at-home-mom. It’s that kind of much-needed content that she provides to her audience that separates her blog from others.
  • @householdmagny – I’m actually featuring Hailey next month for The Boss Series, but I first discovered Hailey after a post she did about finding your new bra size after breastfeeding (side note: if I could inject mine with bacon fat to plump those babies back up again, I totally would). Hailey has a very well-written blog, but what I’m ultimately getting at here is her podcasts. Her husband and her do a podcast (I believe every month), and I can’t help but feel like I’m right there on the couch next to them laughing and talking about parenting. I especially love the additional color they are able to add via voice that exclusive blogging sometimes leaves out.

I feel like I could have added about 10 more, but I’ll stop there for now 😉


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