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Okay… so I’ll be totally honest: When I pulled out this women’s oversized boho dress from our inventory I thought “wow, this dress is intended to fit far looser than I remembered” (recall that I hadn’t seen the clothes since March). Of course I put on Ellie’s dress and I loved it. Pink Chicken always has a great hit rate. Turns out I LOVED the oversized fit. It was comfortable, more than anything. There wasn’t any straightening it out, or feeling like it was tight in the wrong areas (worst thing ever); quiet the opposite. We headed into town and I was far too comfortable to remember that I had clothes on. I basically felt naked. Except not in a hide-yourself-as-quick-as-possible kind of way. View Post


Behind Ellie and June Fashion Fatigue

In the other portion of my life, earnings season is in full swing. Public companies are announcing their fourth quarter earnings (fashion and beauty companies among them) and Bloomberg’s Orange Book (highlighted anecdotes from company executives on their conference calls) is out for Bloomberg terminal users.

Since Black Friday of last year, I’ve been paying special attention to e-commerce. Why? Well for starters, I’ve recently started a business in this space, but also because the breakdown of sales between physical shopping and online shopping are increasingly favoring the latter. For the first time, online shopping (specifically mobile) topped shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores on Black Friday 2015 (for WSJ subscribers, I linked to a few applicable articles at the end of the post). View Post


Behind Ellie and June

I truly believe Ellie & June has lived within me for a long time. When I look back on my journey through life so far, it always circles back to a few simple things: A love for entrepreneurship, a passion for creativity, and since becoming a mom, a desire to leave a balanced legacy. View Post


Behind Ellie and June Starting Toolkit

A question I typically get from people in the course of doing business for Ellie & June is if I have always been in retail.  Actually, come to think about it, a lot of people ask me that even when we’re not transacting business with one another.  It’s clearly an appropriate question, and I would especially welcome it if I could answer with a positive confirmation; but I can’t do that.  The answer is a simple “no”.  Womp womp.  The reaction is typically non-verbal communication that reflects genuine concern, and that’s okay with me.  I understand it.  There was obviously a set of tools I had in the bank that gave me enough confidence to move forward with what I’m doing, and I thought I’d discuss those.  View Post


Behind Ellie and June Challenge Round Up

I thought a post to document/highlight some of my biggest challenges starting Ellie & June would be worthwhile. For anyone following the business-side of things, I thought you’d be interested in reading. Plus it’s a healthy exercise. So sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy reading about the things that keep me up at night.  Here are four in no particular order: View Post