Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Pocket Dress

DRESS | Ellie & June     BOOTS | Freebird by Steven (Sold Out), my other favorite HERE!!

I’ll be taking a moment to love on this dress. Delicate floral pattern, oversized fit, and…. wait for it…. POCKETS!!! Is it not the best surprise of all time to put on a dress and discover it has pockets?! I mean come on now. This little number comes with a separate dress tank to wear underneath, and I’m telling you, this is the most comfortable dress I have. Chris and I decided to go grab a coffee in town, and I slipped this on with some booties and skipped away in about two minutes. Then the woman in front of me at Starbucks complimented my dress and I thought about hugging her. View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Entrepreneurship Fears

As I read through my morning paper (okay, I’ll be honest… it was the paper from four days ago because I have two toddlers and I only get to read three sentences at a time), I couldn’t help but find myself jotting down notes in my newspaper. I confess that I skip right to the Business section every time, and if I’m really good, I can get to Money and Investing. I feel like I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve read through the main section. Unless it’s the second page of the main section which will address economic data… but anyway, I totally digress.

There’s too many things I love in this life, but somewhere at the top is reading and learning about other businesses. So today, as I’m reading about scrap metal in India and Bayer shifting some of its focus from pharmaceuticals to pesticides, I can’t help but think: Whoa. Running a business is scary. Don’t get me wrong. It’s also very rewarding and freeing; but at the same time there’s a degree of responsibility that is downright intimidating. There’s a whole entity that is dependent on good timely decision-making and execution, and there are so many ways you can really mess it up completely unintentionally. 

So today, I wanted to talk about five of my biggest fears being a small business owner. These are in no way comprehensive, but were inspired from articles on my lap this morning (and one more from several months ago that has been on my desk with a post-it note). As a follow on, perhaps I’ll do a post highlighting specific things I do to address these.  Enjoy my dear friends, and never let fear stop you from doing something great 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Fall Romper

PRINTED ROMPER | Ellie & June     SHOES | Ellie & June (ON SALE!!!)
ELLIE’S DRESS | Old (But LOVE this similar Purple One)     ELLIE’S HAT | Janie & Jack

Good Day my lovely friends!! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend 🙂 So last week, I had several fall pieces come into the store that needed product photography. I’m so happy with everything that came in, and can’t wait to finish up the logistical component of the girls pieces so that we can officially offer our free spirited aesthetic to toddler girls! As of today, the store has been open for about six weeks, but I really don’t consider it fully launched until we have enough pieces to convey what our overall purpose is: thematic shopping for women and young girls. Last week, I shared our printed poncho in this post, and that was all I got to because I have two crazy toddlers and a house with perpetual laundry. Perhaps a work-life balance post is in order… I digress. View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Online vs B&M Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece highlighting four reasons we chose to open Ellie & June as an online store rather than a traditional brick and mortar (B&M) store.  As a recap, we chose the online solution because of lower capital requirements, testing the market, more flexibility, and the rise of e-commerce.  Naturally, I recommend that you indulge yourself in the entire post here.  Go on, do it!

For the sake of your sanity and mine, I decided to split the post up into two parts.  The first part would speak to the advantages of an online solution, while the second would speak to the advantages of the brick and mortar solution.  Welcome to the second post 🙂  In our situation, e-commerce was the more viable solution, but that definitely shouldn’t undermine the serious advantages of having a physical location.  Many of which I wish we could enjoy now.  So below, I’m listing four reasons a B&M location is better than an online store.  Sit back and enjoy! View Post


*Photo credit: Bali ELF

I’m super excited to announce that our store, Ellie & June, is now open!  I couldn’t begin to express the gratitude I have for the support I’ve received from family, friends, business associates, and even strangers.  Thank you everyone.  Truly.  What started off as a swirl of ideas has finally blossomed into a reality; thanks exclusively to the support I’ve received from all of you.

Because Ellie & June is a store that embraces this beautiful generation of women and the next, it was such a joy to have my three year old daughter (the store’s namesake), my mother, her mother, my mother-in-law, and another very close family friend all involved as we took the store live.  Spanned across three states (Massachusetts, Colorado, and New Mexico), we were all able to join in a FaceTime call to toast and give libations to the store launch.  In full disclosure, I had a healthy dose of Cabernet, while those out West enjoyed champagne.  Ellie drank all of her orange juice as the adults where opening bottles, but she was happy to do a toast with her empty glass when it was time.

The store is just a baby today, but it’s my sincerest hope that I can nurture and grow it over the years.  Today, we’re starting off by offering a small collection of accessories and a few clothing items for women.  We’re thrilled to be carrying a selection of Bali ELF handmade shoes and bags; these pieces are incredible!   In July and August, you will see the orders we placed back in March for the fall season.  This will include a beautiful spread of girl’s clothing that I just can’t wait to share!!  I’m fortunate enough to be nestled just outside of Boston, so I was able to hit New York City (Hi Aunt Kim and girls!!) and Montreal in the same week to wrap up all of our fall orders earlier this year.

Thank you again, to everyone, for your words of support and encouragement along the way.  To my family back home in Colorado, thank you, I love and miss you all greatly.  To my husband, I can’t even begin.  This is just the beginning to a long commitment and adventure 🙂

I hope you’ll poke around the shop and share it with friends and family that you think will enjoy it as well.  Have a fantastic Thursday guys! Love you all!