Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Creating Anomalies

Have you ever taken a Myers Briggs test? I’ve taken it three times over the span of eight years, and have gotten the same result each time. How’s that for test-retest reliability?! I won’t admit what I am on this post, but I will say that I’m one of the personalities who like structure. My husband Chris tests the same as I do, with the same hit rate in reliability. Basically we’re two of the same people (a bit exaggerated) raising children and we both gravitate towards defining rules in our household.

Now, the point of today’s post is to contradict everything that I just said.

Sometimes I enjoy bending the rules with my kids (ages one and three). Why? Because I think life is too short, I give them plenty of other rules, and they’re kids.  Obviously we’re not talking about breaking core principles here (having manners, respecting your elders, etc.); I’m talking about being anomalous about what’s for dinner, or where we eat it. I’m talking about being home before sunset every night, and then BAM let’s go night swimming! But it was an anomaly kid, so we’re back to normal today and don’t even think about asking for it tomorrow night 😉 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Sorry Not Sorry

As my children get older and more observant, I find myself thinking “Sh–, I should have done/said/handled that differently in front of my kids” more often than I’d like to admit. Sometimes it’s over something trivial, but sometimes it’s over something more serious that needs to be explained in detail later on.

I’m not a perfect anything: wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. Please don’t let pretty instagram photos fool you. I simply like beautiful things and moments and strive to capture them when I can. But more than anything else, my fundamental purpose as a mother is to prepare my kids for the world they have in front of them. So today (and yesterday and in the future), I’m not sorry. I’m not sorry about these important things you’ll experience being my child: View Post