Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Wall Street Journal in Brief

If I had a dollar for every time I couldn’t get to my morning paper, my retirement fund would be the least of my concerns. Sometimes I just look at the paper folded on my kitchen counter and remember a time I actually got to it almost every day. Those days are gone.

Alas, I got to the business section this morning and now I’m bringing it to you in summary form because you probably don’t have time for that shiz!! Enjoy and hopefully you’ll learn something random about a company you use every day 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Lessons Starting Shop

I had a recent conversation with someone about Ellie & June, and they reminded me of how different things were just one year ago today (read the first 10 things I did when I started my business here). She asked me what lessons I’ve learned so far, and what surprised me the most since the shop launched last July. I thought I’d take our conversation a step further and write a blog post about it!

I started this blog to document and share my experience in entrepreneurship and motherhood (among other things); so today, I’m speaking to three surprising things I’ve learned since starting Ellie & June. I’ve only listed three since I didn’t want to write a novel (although that’s already questionable), but it’s my hope that if nothing else, you’ll gain something for your business, or even yourself. Enjoy! View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Ellie & June Shoot with Ellie

Outfit 1 | Evandale Dress
Outfit 2 | Boho Maxi Skirt and Boho Crop
Toddler Tote | Ryla Bag

This past weekend we had one of the sunniest days we have had in a long time. So after spending the morning cooking breakfast and sipping coffee, I cleared out my living room, set up our newest backdrop, and took some shots of Ellie in her favorite pieces from our shop. These are all on CRAZY SALE until Friday, so be sure to pick them up if you love them!! Here’s some of my favorites from the day 🙂 View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Kids Owning Stock

When my kids have reached an age where they have more defined interests, I’ll encourage them to buy stock in companies they’re interested in. Obviously I’m not talking about loads of money here; I’m also not talking about all of their money. I’m talking about just enough to care about how the business is operating and what their investment is doing. I’m especially interested in having them invest where they eventually will/would like to work. Here’s why: View Post


Behind the Boutique Kristina Nissen Sony a6000

Earlier this month I decided to get a smaller camera for more everyday use. I wanted to continue sharing small moments of my day on my social accounts, but neither my iphone nor my DSLR were ideal for my between-blog-post moments (most of them at home). While I loved the field of view and ease of using my iphone, I wanted more control and crisper photos than I was getting with my phone. My DSLR was just impractical for everyday use. The most obvious reason is its size, but beyond that, it’s not a full frame camera. When I launched the blog and shop in mid-2016, I just bought a beginner’s DSLR (Nikon D5300); I didn’t know the difference between a crop or full frame camera. My prime lenses for the DSLR don’t offer an analogous field of view as an iphone, and the kit lens is a disaster in low lighting. I needed something completely different than what I had. Something between the iphone and the DSLR… like an iphone on steroids!

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