The Story of Ellie & June

Behind Ellie and June

I truly believe Ellie & June has lived within me for a long time. When I look back on my journey through life so far, it always circles back to a few simple things: A love for entrepreneurship, a passion for creativity, and since becoming a mom, a desire to leave a balanced legacy.

Everyone thinks of “success” differently, and I’ve had many ideas of success over the years. In my early twenties, success was self sufficiency. It was doing a 360-degree turn in my apartment and knowing that I provided for myself everything in front of me. Growing up with a Mother who worked, this was (and still is) a very important milestone for my own health and for the health of my eventual marriage.

In my mid-to-late twenties, I broadened my success to a partnership level. Success to me then was making good decisions as a couple and optimizing the comparative advantage of each of us to work towards our desired lifestyle. One of us took a risky job with higher future earning potential while the other provided stability. It became about supporting each other and maximizing the end result between the two of us.

Then we had children and this evolved again; mostly because our advantages (which have been dynamic) needed to be reexamined and rebalanced. It’s still important that we maximize our strengths and output, but now we are simultaneously creating a home. We’re creating memories and traditions, and we’re responsible for giving our kids a set of skills so that they can contribute in a positive way. Success now means optimizing all of that and generating some sort of positive subsequent result. It’s a lot, which is why most parents drink wine.

Ellie & June was born predominately from a desire to create. It came from a love for business and numbers, combined with a passion to piece things together and make them beautiful.  It’s about the incredibly unique and special relationship that exists between women and girls.  Yes, I have a wonderful and loving relationship with my son.  It has its own uniqueness, and I certainly have particular responsibilities to make sure he has the toolkit he needs to grow and mature.  But it’s not entirely analogous to the responsibilities I feel that I have for my daughter.

For me, it’s taking my daughter’s hand, and demonstrating to her in her very early years how I strive to balance the world I created.  As she grows, she’ll make her own choices and ultimately it will be her responsibility to pass on her experiences and knowledge to generations after her.   Ellie & June is about putting a stylish hat on over my unwashed mom hair and feeling put together for the day.  It’s the outfit that makes someone feel free and beautiful as soon as it hits her skin. It’s about finding something unique for your child/godchild/niece/little friend that represents something to you and them. It’s meant to be joyous, fun, embody confidence and self respect, and most importantly forge the relationship between this generation of women to the next generation.

Lastly, it’s about building something from the ground up, learning, adapting, and demonstrating those skills to both of my children. Perhaps it will be about coping with failure (hopefully not, although that’s a very important and valuable lesson too), but my sincerest hope is that it teaches them how to create their own opportunities for success.

The name Ellie & June comes from my daughter Ellie, and the birth month of both my Mother and Mother-in-law (June).


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